Rafeeg offers high-quality AC Maintenance in UAE. We are not the best for pricing but also with quality and response time. Our technicians are well trained and follow the best market standards. Rafeeg serves more than 60,000 residential units in UAE, plus government facilities such as the UAE Civil Defence Buildings and the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment buildings. Contact us:

Rafeeg AC Maintenance Pricing:

Benefits of AC Maintenance in UAE:

• Significantly lower operating costs

• Extended life of the unit.

• Greater energy efficiency

AC Repair and Maintenance Services in UAE

Whether you want to update your existing AC or install a new one in your home in the UAE, we can solve any problem quickly and efficiently.

As a licensed HVAC company, we inspect the heating and cooling system, including:

thermostat check

To make sure your thermostat is in good condition. We check that the thermostat is working correctly and installed away from any heat source.

Check electrical connections

A repair check makes sure that the electrical connections are made correctly and that everything is working safely. This step prevents any potential electrical hazard and extends the air conditioner’s life.

Lubrication of moving parts

If lubrication levels drop too low, problems soon arise, and the compressor runs the risk of overheating and burning out. Less lubrication means more friction, heat, breakage, and cost.

condensation drain lines

Water should not remain in a clogged drain while an air conditioner cannot operate without condensation. If drain lines are not cleaned, it can cause water, moisture, and bacteria to seep into the HVAC system. Therefore, at AFM, our technicians care about cleaning all drain lines.

Air filter cleaning

If air filters are left dirty and clogged, they can prevent the air conditioner’s airflow from running smoothly. Not only do we clean the filter, but when necessary, we also recommend some of the best filtration systems.

Our customers’ opinions

Mona Ahmed

It is an excellent air conditioning maintenance company, and I have an exceptional experience with it. When there was a sudden malfunction in the air conditioner, after a long search for the best maintenance company among all companies in UAE, I found this company, and I advise you.

Khaled’s Ali

An excellent company, and I tried it after suffering from the second repair company; I found this company the most credible, and their prices are simple. I recommend it to you.

Sameer Aziz

I had a malfunction in the air conditioner, and I did not know the reason as it stopped working suddenly and was very hot. I called the company and quickly came, and they fixed the fault soon, and it did not break again for now.

Umm Nora

The best air conditioning repair company in UAE, and from the experience of the first time I contacted them, they arrived at me quickly and fixed the air conditioner in record time. I thank them very much for their honesty and speed, and advice.